This website was designed in partnership with the California Association of School Counselors and Wisconsin School Counselors Association. This multidisciplinary team of over 50 school administrators and counselors organized to provide a platform where information can be consolidated into a one-stop website to address massive school closures and community wide health, mental health and economic trauma.  Information and links to resources were collected to assist educators, school-based mental health service providers, caregivers and PreK-12th grade students.   

A Special thank you

 This group of website development volunteers’ ambitiously set-aside time for this project while they were also addressing local issues. We hope this website provides readers the information needed to better navigate issues facing school-age children and youth during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  Within a matter of days, a group of 50 school counselors and administrators joined forces to create the COVID-19 School Counseling Emergency Task Force and spearhead an ambitious project to cohesively create a resource to support the various needs of the school counseling community during this unprecedented time. 

This website would not be possible without the leadership, passion and dedication of the COVID-19 School Counseling Emergency Task Force. I am grateful to the following individuals for their unwavering support, enthusiasm, and commitment:  Alexis Goddard, Alma Lopez, Amy Dauble-Madigan, Andrea Donegan, Andres Castro, Ashley Kruger, Beatrice Nguyen, Becky Love, Brittney Pacini, Carrie King, Chris Foreman, David Kopperud, Gina Spector, Gregg Curtis, Jami Parsons, Jasmine Arellano-Najera, Jeff Ream, Jen Betters-Bubon, Jenny Holle, Joanna Aragon, John Merris-Coots, Jose Cardenas, Josh Godinez, Kathy Boyd, Kierstin Webb, Kirsten Barnes, Leia Eckstein, Linda Hudson, Loren Dittmar, Lori Narahara, Lucia Alfaro, Luz Arellano, Mindy Willard, Miriam Green, Molly Strear, Pamela Mitropoulos, Patty Taylor, Rachel Andrews, Rachel Zaragoza, Randee Kirkemo, Salvador Becerra, Sarah Slemmons, Sunnie Morrison, Tanya Butlette, Tanya Gillick, Tara Vargas, Tawny Chestnut, Tiffany Le, Tracy Wilson, Tricia Norby, Trish Hatch, Vanessa Gomez, and Whitney Triplett. 

A special thank you to the leadership of Loretta Whitson, Stacy Eslick, Rebecca Pianta, and Nicole Lanfranco for their tireless efforts in supporting the COVID-19 School Counseling Emergency Task Force and transforming our vision into reality.

To our team, this is more than just a website. It is a labor love to support our students, families, colleagues, and the school counseling profession.  

With gratitude,

Lezya Weglarz

Chair, COVID-19 School Counseling Emergency Task Force  




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