We hope this page serves as a place for connection as it continues to evolve. There is a wealth of information throughout this website with virtual lessons, sample forms, and resources ranging from basic needs to mental health and self-care. Below are resources that we believe support some of the unique needs of our alternative school students and communities. 

THIS form provides the option for additional support. 

Quick and powerful reads:

Sample website that emphasizes connectedness and shares resources:


US DOE Recommendations to Ensure Continuity of Learning

Comprehensive resources from COELSC

Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility

Crisis Management Institute: COVID-19 Resources for School Counselors

Includes Q&A Zoom call sign-up with school crisis response, trauma intervention, and violence prevention expert, Cheri Lovre

PPS Guidance for Checking-in on Students During School Closures

SEL Remote Learning Samples

                                • Free and Low-Cost Apps for Anxiety 

                                • Short videos and questions

Coalition to Support Grieving Students

National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement

Educational Options - Specialized Programs (CA Dept of Education):

School and program alternatives that provide students with the environment, curriculum, and support systems needed to ensure that they achieve their full academic potential.  


♡♡ Thank you for all you do on behalf of students, staff, and families.. Please take care of you ♡♡